Look at the Duck

Aflac’s brand recognition is nearly unmatched. The Aflac Duck is in the Advertising Hall of Fame. Folks know the name, but many have no idea what they do. My primary customers are small businesses with 3-25 employees. These folks run the American economy. They know how to make a budget, and are quite aware ofContinue reading “Look at the Duck”

Dental and Vision Direct

For years, I avoided the dentist and hoped for the best. I was a doctoral researcher without dental or vision insurance. I gritted my teeth and paid out of pocket for vision care. I also made my contact lenses last a lot longer than they were supposed to last. I realized by making my two-weekContinue reading “Dental and Vision Direct”

Nationwide Network

I have some good news from Lurz Insurance. After successfully linking up with colleagues across the nation, I’ve created a referral network. No matter what type of insurance needs you have, I can find someone to help you. I can help you personally for supplemental health, term life, whole life, final expense, long-term care, universalContinue reading “Nationwide Network”

Business Solutions

Lurz Insurance offers solutions to help your business succeed and help your employees get the coverage they need. We have the flexibility to provide different levels of service depending on the needs and size of your business. These options are outlined below. AFLAC Group Contract This is the most popular type of arrangement for smallContinue reading “Business Solutions”

Privacy and Security: The Lurz Insurance Protocol

As an independent agent, I know how important it is to protect private information. Lurz Insurance uses a defense-in-depth protocol to ensure that all private data is protected. 1.) Lurz Insurance never sells customer information. Never. Ever. Ever. It’s bad business and sleazy. I use Constant Contact to help prospective customers on my website submitContinue reading “Privacy and Security: The Lurz Insurance Protocol”

Episode 4: Small Business Solutions. TRANSCRIPT

START OF TRANSCRIPT Oh. Hello. And good evening. It’s a nice night out, isn’t it. Kids are asleep. Or at least, in her crib. I’ll be honest, it’s been a tough day. It’s been a tough few days. My wife is on night shift. Just started this week…for the next few months. So that meansContinue reading “Episode 4: Small Business Solutions. TRANSCRIPT”

The Ministry of Insurance: How a Burger Changed my Personal Sales Philosophy

I recently had lunch with my pastor on the outdoor patio of my favorite local bar. With my wife’s work schedule at the hospital, I’ve been on dad duty when I’m not at work myself. That includes Sundays. Since I’ve been unable to attend church in-person, it was nice to catch up and have aContinue reading “The Ministry of Insurance: How a Burger Changed my Personal Sales Philosophy”

Summary of Policy Options and Basic Recommendations

My standard advice for clients is to look at your family history. That’s like a GPS to see what’s ahead for you. The time to choose a different route is far ahead of the actual event, not when you’re stuck in traffic. There are no off-ramps in real life to get insurance once you’re in that traffic jam.

Insurance After Dark: Episode 3 Transcript

START OF TRANSCRIPT Oh. Hello. And good evening. It’s a nice night, isn’t it? Kid is finally asleep after a long day. Pretty soon I’m going to hit this button behind me and the Roomba is going to go around and clean up all the bits of food and assorted other things that she leftContinue reading “Insurance After Dark: Episode 3 Transcript”

Insurance After Dark: Episode 2 Transcript

START OF TRANSCRIPT Oh, hello again. And good evening. It’s a nice night out isn’t it. The kids are asleep. You managed to not get food all over your dress clothes during dinner. Got a nice cup of cold milk in the glass. And once again it’s time to sit back, relax, and talk aboutContinue reading “Insurance After Dark: Episode 2 Transcript”