Business Solutions

Lurz Insurance offers solutions to help your business succeed and help your employees get the coverage they need. We have the flexibility to provide different levels of service depending on the needs and size of your business. These options are outlined below. AFLAC Group Contract This is the most popular type of arrangement for smallContinue reading “Business Solutions”

Peeking at Presents: Getting a Life Quote from Lurz Insurance is Much Easier

My mother was a master at hiding gifts. She never brought them into the house when my brother and I were awake. When she brought them in from the trunk of her car after dark, she would keep them in bags from random stores. Just in case my brother and I were up watching. EveryContinue reading “Peeking at Presents: Getting a Life Quote from Lurz Insurance is Much Easier”

The Lurz Insurance Way

Education Instead of Sales: The Lurz Insurance Way I have not seen a single episode of The Mandalorian. My wife quotes it often. I see memes on my newsfeed. “This is the Way” seems to be a common quotation. So I’m going to give it a shot. Let me know if I get it right.Continue reading “The Lurz Insurance Way”

Rudy’s Recs for Insurance Coverage

Your insurance is like a suit of armor. Your workplace might furnish a few pieces. It might give you most of it, if you’re lucky. It’s your job to supply the rest. I tell my clients that it makes no sense to double up on areas while others remain undefended. That would be like goingContinue reading “Rudy’s Recs for Insurance Coverage”

Exciting Events for Lurz Insurance

As an independent agent, I can offer you the policies that best fit your family and your budget. This month, I’ll be able to show you life insurance rates from numerous national carriers, in addition to the solid supplemental health and life policies offered by AFLAC. I’m contracting with AIG, Americo, John Hancock, Mutual ofContinue reading “Exciting Events for Lurz Insurance”

Don’t Go Fund Me

Your family shouldn’t have to rely on a Go Fund Me Page when life deals its blindside hits. It’s never enough. In my profession, it’s the saddest thing I see on my news feed, because I know it could have been different. Protect them. You can’t go back and get insurance after you need it.Continue reading “Don’t Go Fund Me”


EPISODE 5 TRANSCRIPT START OF TRANSCRIPT: Oh. Hello. And good evening. It’s a nice night, isn’t it? Kids are asleep. House is…acceptably semi-clean. Have a nice glass of cold cranberry juice in the mug. And once again it’s time to sit back, relax, and talk about insurance. I’m Rudy Lurz. And this is Insurance AfterContinue reading “INSURANCE AFTER DARK: EPISODE 5 TRANSCRIPT. Accident and Injury Policies”