Life Insurance and Living Insurance: You Need Both

Life insurance replaces your income. Living insurance protects it. There is an important difference. Life insurance is for your family. Living insurance is for both you and your family.

Look at the Duck

Aflac’s brand recognition is nearly unmatched. The Aflac Duck is in the Advertising Hall of Fame. Folks know the name, but many have no idea what they do. My primary customers are small businesses with 3-25 employees. These folks run the American economy. They know how to make a budget, and are quite aware ofContinue reading “Look at the Duck”

Nationwide Network

I have some good news from Lurz Insurance. After successfully linking up with colleagues across the nation, I’ve created a referral network. No matter what type of insurance needs you have, I can find someone to help you. I can help you personally for supplemental health, term life, whole life, final expense, long-term care, universalContinue reading “Nationwide Network”

He Can’t Even Bait a Hook: Avoiding Bait and Switch Tactics When Buying Insurance

I won’t be at the top of the Google search results. But I should be at the top of your search for good insurance.

Disability Insurance Analysis: Who needs it? Why is it important?

I sell a lot of life insurance policies. That is not a topic my clients enjoy discussing, but they recognize the need for it. No one wants to think about their own death. Even fewer people want to think about being disabled due to accident or injury and unable to continue in their chosen career.Continue reading “Disability Insurance Analysis: Who needs it? Why is it important?”