Rudolph Lurz Insurance: List of Services

Here is a comprehensive list of the different services I offer to my clients. For more details about any of these services, or for a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact me.  You’ll have your personalized summary of options and pricing in your inbox within 48 hours, or in your mailbox within one week. I deal primarily with the following insurance needs:

Life Insurance, Supplemental Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Annuities, and Business Solutions.

1.) Life Insurance

Term Life: Client chooses a term (normally 10, 20, or 30-year) and a death benefit. At conclusion of the term, Client has option to renew at new age or let it expire.

Carriers offered: AFLAC, Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, John Hancock, Americo.

Whole Life: Life insurance that will pay death benefit to beneficiary no matter when the client dies. Retired clients can use whole life as a final expense policy. Builds cash value. Can borrow against.

Carriers offered: AIG, AFLAC, Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, Americo, Prosperity Life

Juvenile Whole Life: Whole Life coverage for children under 18. Great building block for parents to get for their children, since it is very affordable when purchased at a young age.

Carriers offered: AFLAC, Mutual of Omaha, Foresters

Universal Life: Flexible, permanent life coverage that allows client to adjust death benefit and/or premiums as circumstances change in life. Can build additional cash value that can be used to adjust premiums, take a loan, or increase the death benefit.

Carriers offered: Mutual of Omaha, Foresters

Term Life with Cash Back Option/Return of Premium: Term Life that includes provisions to return part or all of the premiums paid at the end of the term.

Carriers offered: Americo, John Hancock

Term Life with Continuation: Term Life coverage that provides 100% of the death benefit if client dies during the term, and 10% of the death benefit if the client dies after the term expires. Combination salary replacement during highest-earning years and final expense policy after the end of the term.

Carriers offered: Americo

2.) Supplemental Health Insurance

Accident/Injury: No Medical underwriting. Provides benefit for accidental death or dismemberment, along with cash benefits for items such as hospital confinement, surgeries, home modification, and youth sports injuries. $60 annual wellness benefit for physicals, flu shots, or health screenings.

Carriers offered: AFLAC

Critical Illness: Provides initial event benefit for catastrophic health events such as heart attacks, strokes, or comas, along with cash benefits for hospital confinement and rehabilitation.

Carriers offered: AFLAC

Cancer: Provides initial diagnosis benefit for cancer, along with cash benefits for hospital confinement, surgeries, chemo/radiation treatments, experimental treatments, and hospice care. Annual wellness benefit for cancer screenings.

Carriers offered: AFLAC

Lump Sum Critical Illness/Cancer: Provides a lump sum amount (normally $10,000-$30,000) for a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis.

Carriers offered: AFLAC, Mutual of Omaha

Hospitalization: Provides a cash benefit if client is hospitalized for any reason. Wellness benefits possible for doctor’s visits or medical imaging.

Carriers offered: AFLAC **NOTE: Only available as part of group contract**

Accidental Death: Provides a death benefit if death occurs as a result of an accident. No medical underwriting.

Carriers offered: Mutual of Omaha, Foresters

3.) Disability Insurance

Short-Term Disability: Provides a portion of client’s salary as a cash benefit if client is unable to work for periods of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, or 24 months.

Carriers offered: AFLAC ****NOTE: Only available as part of group contract**

Long-Term Disability: Provides extended relief for clients who, due to accident or illness, are no longer able to work.

Carriers offered: Mutual of Omaha

True Occupation” Disability: Flexible disability policy with rider that allows benefits to continue to be paid if a client is able to work, but is unable to work in her chosen career field. (example: surgeon who suffers major injury to her hand, or severe arthritis in her 40s)

Carriers offered: Mutual of Omaha

Long-Term Care Insurance: Provides monthly benefits if patient is confined to a long-term care facility or requires assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).

Carriers offered: Mutual of Omaha

4.) Annuities

Fixed Annuities: Provide a fixed interest level for annuities. Safe harbor for tax-deferred growth. Security for retirement.

Equity-Indexed Annuities: Provide interest for annuities tied to different indexes for additional possible tax-deferred growth. Security for retirement

Single Premium Immediate Annuity: Sets up an annuity with a single premium payment. Usually intended for folks approaching or already past retirement age seeking security in their retirement.

Carriers offered: Athene Annuities, Americo, Mutual of Omaha

5.) Business Solutions (See tab on the home page for further details)

AFLAC Group Contract: Will set up your business as an AFLAC account. No direct cost to business. Voluntary benefits for employees. Premiums deducted from payroll. Many policies available pre-tax.

Group Life: Will refer client and serve as a neutral point-of-contact to major carriers who offer group life contracts. Will negotiate directly with carriers on behalf of client and make recommendation, but final choice belongs to client.

Carriers Offered: AIG, AFLAC, Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock,

Individual Consultant: Will provide new and current employees with options from numerous carriers to purchase insurance directly. No administration required for the business.

Carriers offered: AIG, AFLAC, Americo, Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, Foresters, Prosperity Life, Athene Annuities

COMING IN 2021: DENTAL AND VISION– Group dental and vision coverage for employees, premiums paid via payroll deduction, special introductory rates for businesses.

Carriers offered: AFLAC

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