Privacy and Security: The Lurz Insurance Protocol

As an independent agent, I know how important it is to protect private information. Lurz Insurance uses a defense-in-depth protocol to ensure that all private data is protected.

1.) Lurz Insurance never sells customer information. Never. Ever. Ever. It’s bad business and sleazy. I use Constant Contact to help prospective customers on my website submit requests for more information. That prospect data comes to me, and I don’t send it anywhere else. If you provide your information to me, via my website or anywhere else, that information is never sold. Period. (see following points)

2.) Lurz Insurance’s client information is stored off-line. I don’t keep your records in any cloud-based storage. They’re in encrypted files on my hard drive. No names appear on those files, only a numerical customer identifier. Physical documents containing client information are kept in a locked and secured location. In order to gain access to client information, someone would need both the customer identifier (in the encrypted files) along with the physical documents.

In short, one item is not enough. I learned these data-protection techniques protecting the anonymity and confidentiality of research participants in my doctoral program. I find they’re useful in ensuring your data is safe.

Furthermore, the information I keep on file does not contain sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers, payment info, or health records. All of that is handled and stored by the firms I represent. Which leads to point number 3…

3.) Policies are protected by the large companies that issue them. I’m an independent agent contracted to sell policies from companies like AFLAC, AIG, Americo, and Mutual of Omaha. When you buy insurance, your information is protected by some of the most advanced cyber security on the planet.

In conclusion, I carefully guard the small amounts of data I keep on hand, and when you buy insurance, those companies invest millions a year to make sure your most sensitive information stays confidential and protected.

Finally, if you don’t want to receive emails or updates from me, it’s easy to unsubscribe. Just call or text me (540-520-3069) or send me an email ( and I’ll make sure you don’t receive any further communication from Lurz Insurance.

I wish we lived in a world that these type of posts weren’t needed. But I also want to let my clients know that their information is safe with me.


Dr. Rudolph Lurz

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