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Education Instead of Sales: The Lurz Insurance Way

I have not seen a single episode of The Mandalorian. My wife quotes it often. I see memes on my newsfeed. “This is the Way” seems to be a common quotation.

So I’m going to give it a shot. Let me know if I get it right. Here I go.

(Stares at the camera. Long pause. Melodramatic tone.)

“This is the Way.”

The Lurz Way is different than most other insurance agencies.  It’s definitely different than other insurance agents. As a former teacher, it’s the only way I know.


When you seek out insurance options, you have a few choices.

1.) Do it yourself on the Internet

This isn’t a terrible choice. You can certainly find inexpensive and decent options researching online.

It is time-consuming. Most folks don’t have hours of free time to spend scouring the Interwebs for research and vetting. If you’re not in your area of expertise, it can also lead to bad decisions that are difficult to reverse. Online quote generators tend to give you a very inexpensive price for a large amount of coverage. You think, “This is great! Hooray Internet!”

You don’t realize that the quote for term life is for a ten-year term. Or it’s the rate for someone in ‘preferred plus’ health status, and comes after a medical exam, urinalysis, and blood draw.  Or comes from a small-time company and is loaded with restrictions and exclusions.

Now you’ve undergone a lot of tests, discover that you are standard rate, and sign up for a 10-year term policy anyway because the price is still pretty good, right?

They’re betting on the fact that it’s likely you’ll be around in ten years. Also, if there’s a 2-year exclusionary period, that 10-year policy is really a de facto 8-year policy.

You have purchased insurance. Now if anything goes wrong, and you have to make a claim, guess who’s doing the work? You are.

(Robot call center elevator music playing) “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line.”

Ask Google is a good starting strategy. Talking with a professional is a better idea for when you are ready to make a final decision.

2.) Call a big firm

I like this option better than asking Google. You’ll have access to an agent and a firm with a good reputation. Look up the rankings of Ethisphere’s most ethical companies of 2020. You’ll find many insurance companies, including a few firms that I’m contracted with.

You’ll get a good policy. But is it the right policy for you? Insurance sales professionals at these firms all have sales targets and goals. They are leading you to a good product. But it might be better for them than it is for you. In addition, they won’t tell you to go down the road to a different insurance company that has a policy that fits you better. That would be as likely as a Honda salesman telling you that you should get a Jeep after you test drive an Accord.

3. Do Nothing and Assume You’ll Be OK.

This is the most common choice that I see folks make. Like I said in the previous post, it’s like a flu shot. It’s an annual physical. It’s getting your regular cleaning at the dentist. Folks put off looking at insurance and think they can look at it in a few months after things calm down a little.

#3 is definitely the wrong move. Don’t go through Door 3.

4.) Talk to a Licensed and Independent Agent

I’m biased. But I also think this is the best choice. I can show you different options from different companies. I’ll take the time to educate you about different paths you can choose. I’ll walk you through the pros and cons. I won’t push you to a specific policy from a specific carrier. That’s not how I do business.

I’m happy when you’re covered and protected.

Better still, I’ll pick up the phone or answer your email when you reach out. In the darkest times, the times you need your insurance agent the most, you won’t have to battle a call center or the monolith of a huge company. I’ll be your advocate and I’ll be here when you need me.

The Way

I prospect for new clients and ask existing clients to give me referrals for others that could be in the market for insurance. I don’t do much cold calling and I don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. When I see other agents get really obsessed with their numbers and push people into signing up for policies within a matter of seconds, I cringe. If you’re getting in a shouting match and putting the pressure on some random grandma you met 30 seconds ago on the phone, you’re doing this the wrong way.

That’s not how I do business. I spend my time building customized PowerPoints and Comparison Spreadsheets for potential clients. I answer questions. I service my accounts. Education is the biggest part of my job, which makes my background the perfect fit for what I do.

If you’re in the market for insurance, or even if you’re just wondering what’s out there, I’m here at my desk ready to help. No pressure, no games. You’ll have your PowerPoint and Comparison Spreadsheet within 24 hours and you can judge for yourself what fits you best.

I provide education and help when you need it.

This is the Way. I hope you’ll agree and talk to me soon.

Dr. Rudolph Lurz is a former teacher and football coach with over a decade of experience in education and a doctorate in Administrative & Policy Studies. His insurance firm offers options from numerous national carriers such as AFLAC, AIG, Americo, Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, Foresters, Prosperity Life and Athene Annuities. He is licensed in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, West Virginia, and Illinois. He lives in Roanoke, VA with his wife, daughter, and cat.

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