Flu Shots and Reset Buttons: The Time to Get Insurance is Right Now

Flu Shots and Reset Buttons

I got my flu shot yesterday. My wife had been nagging me for a while. American health organizations are warning that this coming flu season, combined with the Covid-19 pandemic, could create a dark winter of an accelerating public health crisis.

The CDC recommended getting a flu shot early this year, even as early as August or September, in anticipation of the dangers of a “twindemic” of common influenza strains and Covid-19. So why did I wait until mid-November?

Like many folks out there, life got in the way. I got busy. I put it off. I shrugged and said, “I’ll have more time tomorrow” on far too many of my yesterdays. Even on the day I finally got it, I was a split second away from ignoring the CVS Pharmacy sign on the right and driving home instead.

I got lucky. I’m protected now, but for several months, I was exposed. As an insurance agent, I see the worst events in life on a daily basis. I should have known better. I’m glad I’m healthy and I’m doubly glad to be protected. But I should have known better.

The time to get life insurance or supplemental critical care insurance is right now. With the flu shot, you can’t go back and get one after you get the flu. The same is true with insurance, and the stakes are even higher. Dying without insurance means your family has to rely on a “Go Fund Me” page to have a memorial service for you and pay your final expenses. In my line of work, I cringe whenever I see one of those on my newsfeed. I know things could have been different, and I also know that the amount raised will not come close to providing that family with what they need. Even if you scramble to find enough to pay for the funeral, how do you replace the lost salary? How do you pay the mortgage or save for college? For a few dollars a month in insurance premiums, the family could have focused on grieving instead of their budget crisis.

I understand putting it off. The same instincts that pushed me to drive past that pharmacy parking lot for weeks are pushing many of you to delay getting insurance. That’s not the right move. Take the first step. You don’t even have to buy insurance today. Just see what’s available and how much it would cost. Once you take that first step, the next step is easy. Before you know it, you’ll have a policy that fits your needs and gain the peace of mind you’re looking for. That’s more important than ever during these uncertain times.

As a former teacher, I’ll put all your options in a PowerPoint presentation. You’ll get information and pros and cons with each choice. You’ll see your price points on a customized spreadsheet. You won’t have to deal with a robotic call menu. It can all be done in 30-45 minutes.

Seeing what’s available is even more painless than getting that flu shot each fall. Life has no reset button. Don’t wait any longer. Send me a text or email today.


Rudolph W. Lurz



Dr. Rudolph Lurz is a former teacher and football coach with over a decade of experience in education and a doctorate in Administrative & Policy Studies. His insurance firm offers options from numerous national carriers such as AFLAC, AIG, Americo, Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, Foresters, Prosperity Life and Athene Annuities. He lives in Roanoke, VA with his wife, daughter, and cat.

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