Oh. Hello. And good evening. It’s a nice night, isn’t it? Kids are asleep. House is…acceptably semi-clean. Have a nice glass of cold cranberry juice in the mug. And once again it’s time to sit back, relax, and talk about insurance.

I’m Rudy Lurz. And this is Insurance After Dark: Episode 5. Tonight’s topic: accident and injury policies.

So (takes sip of drink). Tonight, I’m on the couch. And the reason I chose this location is because if you’re lucky, after you have an accident or injury, you’ll be spending a lot of time right here. I know that from experience.

During my time playing high school football, I had a severe high ankle sprain, a partially torn meniscus…(pause)…those left me on the couch for a long time. And also (shows messed up thumb) a broken thumb, and I spent a lot of time right here when I was recovering from those injuries.

In that time I was playing some Sega Genesis. Some N64. Some GoldenEye. Got really good at it. But, if any of those things happened today, and my job required me to be on my feet, or to use my hand, then I would have had a hard time getting work done, or even going to work at all.

So accident and injury policies vary, and go from very (pause) specific coverage, to much more broad areas of coverage. And they’re designed to help you pay the bills if you’re unable to work due to an accident or injury. So they range from the very simple, very gruesomely named policies like “Accidental Death and Dismemberment” which are limited to you dying of an accidental cause or losing a limb or being severely maimed due to an accident or injury.

The ones that I sell typically are much broader in scope and include things such as, an initial injury or accident payment if you’re admitted to the hospital as a result of an injury, and then daily hospital confinement payments for every day that you’re in the hospital, because if you’re in the hospital you’re not working, and much more, or many more options such as payments for surgery, diagnostic tests, home modification if you need to have a ramp installed or guard rail in the shower, or even things such as casts, prosthetics. Lot of different options. Concussion tests.

So the accident and injury policies also include those payments for accidental death and dismemberment, but they are much more suited for the everyday things that can cripple people as well as budgets. Those injuries that I talked about back when I was playing football. Those aren’t going to be crippling injuries. But they can really put a strain on a household budget. Because I don’t know about your major medical insurance policy, but mine has a fairly high deductible. And if I have X-rays, tests, MRIs…I’m paying for a lot of that. Or I would be. And God bless my parents, they paid a lot of that out of pocket.

But when you do that, your household budget is hit hard. And that’s where a good accident and injury policy will step in and provide some cushion for that injury.

So a good accident and injury policy will serve a dual purpose. It will be there for the catastrophic. As in you are out of work for six weeks because of a major accident and confined to the hospital for 28 days. During that time you’re not working and your hospital bill is going to be intense. So a good accident and injury policy that pays each day you’re in the hospital, pays for surgery, pays for initial admission, pays for additional admissions for ICU care…that’s going to be a major relief for you to have, at a very low cost. To have that peace of mind. That if you have some sort of accident, which, by the way, if you’re young, that’s one of the major causes of an event that keeps you out of work, a major accident or injury.

So it serves the purpose of a catastrophic policy and protecting you from a long-term recovery from an accident or injury. And it also serves as a daily budget-helper for all the injuries and events that lead you to the hospital. Which can occur in daily life. I was lucky in the fact that I just had a partially torn meniscus and a very small break in my thumb. I have teammates and friends who tore their MCLs, tore every ligament in their knee, broke their leg, a compound fracture…these kind of injuries take months of recovery time and put a severe strain on the budget. And they occur even in your adult life! How many folks do you know who in a game of pickup basketball blew out their knee? Or a game of softball or something…just a random injury that leaves them unable to work for an extended period of time? So the daily things that hit the budget right below your deductible level and you’re paying out of pocket…that’s where a good accident and injury policy will step in and ease that strain. All for a very affordable amount per month.

So these policies are meant to supplement your major medical and put cash directly in your pocket when these sort of disasters strike. And if the worst kind of disaster strikes with that accidental death, they really step in and provide your family some assistance in that tough time.

So in short, when you are stuck on the couch, watching The Office or playing N64 or Sega Genesis, and money’s not coming in, have something there to protect your blindside from these events, which do occur more often than you think. You might have had you in your own life. I am sure that you know friends and neighbors and family members who have had accidents that have left them recovering for a long time, and maybe that hurt the wallet. Instead of waiting months to apply for federal disability, that accident and injury policy at a very low cost can step in and protect you during those tough times.

As always, if you have any questions about any of these matters and would like to talk further, you can text or call me at 540-520-3069, or send me an email at . And don’t forget to like my Facebook Page, Rudolph Lurz: Insurance After Dark. Be good to each other, be safe out there, and I’ll talk to you all later.


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