Episode 4: Small Business Solutions. TRANSCRIPT


Oh. Hello. And good evening. It’s a nice night out, isn’t it. Kids are asleep. Or at least, in her crib. I’ll be honest, it’s been a tough day. It’s been a tough few days. My wife is on night shift. Just started this week…for the next few months. So that means when I get off work in the afternoon, all the way until when my daughter goes to sleep around 8, and then cleaning up afterwards, it’s all solo work. So I am pretty tired. But now it’s all good.

Got a nice cup of cold milk in the mug. And once again, it’s time to sit back, relax, and talk about insurance. I’m Rudy Lurz. And this is Insurance After Dark: Episode 4. Tonight’s topic: Small business solutions and group contracts.

So, if you’re a small business owner, your business is your baby. And you’re doing most of the work. And it’s hard. You’re doing all the cleaning, all the organizing; it keeps you up at night. And every problem goes directly to you. So the last thing that you have time to think about is insurance. The last thing you have time to pay for with margins as tight as you have (long pause) is insurance. And certainly the last thing that you want to even think about organizing or administering in your busy schedule, when you’re probably working at least 16-17 hours a day, you don’t have time to worry about setting up and administering insurance for your employees.

I get it. Good news, however. At least, with my company, I do a lot of that work for you. You have improved productivity from employees. They have peace of mind. You might even see some benefits to your bottom line as well. Let me tell you a few of the different options we have for you so you can offer AFLAC to your employees without having to worry about administering it, and most of the time, even paying for it.

So the most common form of a contract that we have is a payroll deduction. And most of the time that is strictly employee-paid. So the employees pick what policies they want, the premiums are deducted directly from their paychecks, and once that system is in place, you really don’t have to worry about it as a small business owner, now you can tell your employees, “We offer AFLAC. You can choose which policies fit you and your families, and you get it at a group rate.”

Which is really, pretty good. We also have some flexible options for an “Electronic Bank Draft” contract, where the employee will get the group rate, but instead of having that come out of the paycheck, the amount will come out of his bank account, or credit card, the employee will set that up on her own terms.

So that’s another option for you. And we’ll work with you as a small business owner to find the best fit for you. If your employees don’t get regular paychecks, the Electronic Bank Draft option might be the better option for you, and frankly for them, for that matter. And I as your agent (pointing at self) will take care of all of the organization and administration of that. They won’t be coming to you saying, “I need to file a claim. I need to change my options…”

Send them right to me. That’s my job. My job is to make your life easier and to help you, your business, and your employees by protecting them against the blindside hits that life throws at them.

So that’s one option that you have. You call me. We set up a group contract. You get group rates. And it’s either deducted from their paychecks or by electronic bank draft…and they pay for whatever they want. Whatever best fits their families.

But like I said before, as a small business owner, it’s also challenging to attract and retain talented employees. It’s tough out there. And one way that you can change that equation is by offering to pay a portion, even as small as thirty dollars per month per employee, and say, “Not only do we offer AFLAC, I will pay for $30 each month for whatever products you want.”

To your employee that’s going to sound huge, when reality it amounts to about a $0.17/hour raise. Now (laughing), try telling that to your employee. “You did a really great job this past year. So next year, you get seventeen more cents. (long pause). You’re welcome.”

Song from Moana just came in my head (laughing) because that’s all my daughter wants to listen to. They will likely not be very excited about seventeen cents per hour. But yet, $30 worth of insurance coverage every month, that’s paid for; they’ll get a lot more excited about that.

Because their margins in their own family budgets might be even tighter than yours are as a small business owner. They might want some of this insurance coverage, but things are tight. So not only will you be able to attract and retain good employees with that, for as little of a cost as $0.17 an hour, but if you’re paying for it, you can also get tax benefits, which could save you money in the long run on your bottom line.

So in my mind that’s a win-win-win. But I also understand, that might not be the best option for your business at this time, but it’s something to consider.

In any case. If you’re a small business owner, and don’t want to think about it but would like to say, “Here’s some AFLAC policies for you all to consider at a group rate; I just don’t want to do the work.”

Contact me. It’s very easy to set up. And you won’t be sacrificing your valuable time to think about it. And you’ll get all the benefits from it.

If you are an employee of a small business. And you don’t want to have that discussion, and you’re like, “Mannnn, I kind of liked Insurance After Dark, episodes 1 through 3; I kind of want some of these policies, but I don’t know how to have that discussion with my employer.”

Call me. Text me. Email me. And I will give you an email to send to your employer, outlining some of these different options.

So you can say, “Hey, on your own time, take a look at this. I want this. I think some of the other folks here want it to. It’s really easy for you; give this guy a call.”

You call me. I send that to your boss, or I send it to you and you forward it to your boss, and you say, “Hey, check this out.”

And you will likely, once your boss sees how easy it is, you’ll have the ability to get some of these policies.

So a lot of these options are out there. You’re not alone. And I fully understand you. So let me do the work. To help protect your employees, improve your production, and maybe even save some money on the bottom line. Small business owners. Talk to me. Small business employees. Talk to me. We’ll figure it out and I’ll do the work for you.

So as always, my name is Rudy Lurz and if you’re interested in any of these ideas. You can call or text me at (540)520-3069. Or email me at Rudolph_Lurz@us.aflac.com . (repeats email address with spelling).

And I hope you enjoyed this episode of Insurance After Dark. Next week’s topic will be Accident and Injury Coverage.

So, be good to each other. Stay classy out there, and I’ll see you next week.


Short-Term Disability and Hospital Policies are only available on Group Contracts.

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