Insurance After Dark: Episode 1 Transcript


For you readers out there, I created a transcript of my video clip this morning. Enjoy the transcription of the first episode of “Insurance After Dark”.


(Looks up from reading Thomas Paine’s Common Sense)Oh. Hello, and good evening. It’s a nice night out, isn’t it? The kids are asleep. Got a nice cup of cold milk in the mug. And it’s time to wind down…and talk about insurance. My name is Rudy Lurz, and this is the first episode of “Insurance (dramatic pause) After Dark”.

I recently left a career as a teacher and football coach to help people in a different way. I protect them against the blindside hits that life sometimes throws at us. I spend my days talking about things that no one even wants to think about, and walk people through policies that they never hope to use. Yet in today’s uncertain times, these policies are more necessary than ever. So let’s talk a little bit about the need for having some sort of insurance that goes beyond your basic health insurance.

At the University of Florida, my undergraduate major was History. And let me tell you this, history does not look kindly on those commanders who marched their forces through unknown territory with no protection for their flanks, and no scouts to look ahead. Yet that is exactly how most people march through life. You have no idea what’s coming and you hope that it will all be ok. You think, “I have car insurance. I have health insurance. It will be fine…right?”

Sadly, that’s not the case. 62% of personal bankruptcies, according to a recent Harvard study, were the result of health issues and healthcare bills. 77% of those (dramatic pause) had health insurance and still went bankrupt. Because they didn’t foresee the lost income while they were recovering from heart attacks, strokes, or fighting cancer. They didn’t take into consideration those hidden costs and the loss of income. Because when you are fighting something like cancer, or a heart attack, or trying to recover from a heart attack, you’re not at work. Money’s not coming in. And savings run out quickly. Sick days run out quickly. Which is why insurance is necessary.

So. If you are younger. And healthy. You still need some sort of catastrophic coverage to protect you and to protect your financial future against the unknown. So…something in the way of accident insurance, cancer insurance, or critical illness and recovery, which, if you’re young, these rates, with the right insurance company, remain level over time, and you won’t get those kind of rates when you’re older and will need something to protect your financial future against things like heart attacks and strokes. If you are married, you need some sort of term life to protect your highest earning years in case that you are no longer there. If you have children, a juvenile [whole] life policy is often under $10.00 a month and is a great way to help your child build a foundation for a solid future. These policies build cash value and when your child is of age, then that child can either cash out the policy or convert it to a whole life policy of his or her own.

In short, insurance is necessary in today’s uncertain times. And… not having it, and needing it is a lot worse (pause) than not needing it and having it. [messed up this line in the video and said essentially the same thing twice]. Hope you enjoyed today’s introduction. Tomorrow [I meant next week] we’re gonna discuss and break down the differences and different needs for whole life versus term life insurance, and it’s going to be very exciting.

(Pauses to take sip of drink)As always, if you’d like to talk about any of these policies, any of these ideas, please give me an email at, or call me or text me at 540-520-3069. That’s 540-520-3069. I hope you enjoyed this little video, and stay classy out there.


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